I Say Potato Campaign Launch

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Today, Sutherland Weston launched a new campaign for the Maine Potato Board, “I Say Potato“, coinciding with the start of the harvest in Aroostook County, to get consumers informed of the many uses of Maine Potatoes.

I Say Potato WebsiteAs part of the talented team at Sutherland Weston, I helped to develop the campaign’s website at www.saypotato.com.

This campaign included the joint efforts of many talented people, and is showing up in many forms — print, video and web.

My particular role in the project was to take the design the team came up with and build it into a functioning website, using our in-house-developed content management system, Webbit.

A new video spot also debuted today, promoting the I Say Potato campaign. Check it out below.

Follow the campaign on Twitter at @SayPotato, or on Facebook to keep up to date as this fun campaign unfolds.

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