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CSS Loading Icons

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CSS Loading Icons · CodePen

Played around at lunchtime with some different styles for CSS-based animated loading icons. For each of these I used one HTML element and added some CSS keyframe animation to get them moving. This has only been tested in Google Chrome. It should work to a certain extent in Firefox, and probably not at all in… Read more »

CSS-Based Animated Accordion

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CSS Based Animated Accordion | CSSDeck

I was recently asked to publish a codecast on CSS Deck. CSS Deck’s Codecasts are realtime playbacks of the coding of an example, so you can follow along and see how a piece comes together. I decided to show off a CSS-based animated accordion I designed for Get Around Maine. This example only uses CSS… Read more »


Animated Coming Soon Page

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Get Around Maine - Coming Soon

A while back, I needed to create a “coming soon” page for a client, Get Around Maine. Their domain was active and they had started promoting the website a bit, but the full website was still in development. I put together a basic style to match their website, but then decided it needed something more… Read more »